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Represented on three continents, Afrik Interim prides itself in offering tailor – made HR Solutions by a team of dedicated and skilled professionals.

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Quality Management System Administrator

Democratic Republic of Congo,
5 to 10 years


traduction manquante

Democratic Republic of Congo – Kinshasa,
3 to 5 years


Commercial Agent

Democratic Republic of Congo – Kinshasa,
1 to 3 years


Client Testimonials

  • Afrik Interim offers impeccable services and I would certainly recommend them to others. They understood my talents more than I did and took the time to make sure I was the right fit with the culture of the company I now work for.
    Jeanette T.
  • With ease, Afrik Interim guided me through my job hunting journey and pulled me out of unemployment. They offered me one to one counselling and helped find my dream job. They are experts in HR and I will be forever grateful.
    Thierry R.
  • AI is wonderful. They are really good at coaching you through every aspect of the job hunting process. They have been a lifesaver in terms of listening to what I need and then delivering on those needs.
    Jean B.

Tailored recruitment solutions

At Afrik Interim, we work with our customers to provide recruitment solutions specifically tailored to individual company needs.

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Professional team with professional qualifications

We actively recruit our consultants from specialist practice areas such as banking, telecommunications and mining. Our consultants have worked in various business environments, have a developed understanding of recruitment requirements and are best positioned to deliver results.

A trusted counselor delivering tailored recruitment solutions

At Afrik Interim, we work in partnership with our clients to deliver recruitment solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of every organization.We work as a trusted counselor – leveraging our unparalleled expertise and industry knowledge to ensure the right individuals fill the right roles within our client’s business.


In a business, skills development is an essential element in the management of human capital. To accompany you, Afrik Interim offers a catalog dedicated to training.

Training focuses on the development of key competences required by the company and for career management. It provides for increasing skills and productivity of employees to meet the strategic objectives of the company. It is a value-added activity promoting employees adaptability and flexibility in meeting the challenges they face.

Salary Surveys

This service assist with your organization’s overall compensation strategy, Afrik Interim isolates the relevant wage and market trends, by function, by region and by industry, through its surveys on remuneration. The final report is customized by company and is intended only for companies that participate in the surveys.

Afrik Interim maintains absolute confidentiality of data provided by participating companies. The final report provides information on statistical aggregates and therefore does not allow the identification of customer data. on the efficiency of the business and the performance of employees.

Measuring Social Climate
A company’s most valuable asset is its employees

Measuring the social climate of an organization aims to “take the pulse” of an organization by assessing and understanding the perception of employees in relation to the organization. This allows for an accurate assessment of possible existing or future social and or managerial problems, which could impede the smooth running, and development of the organization.

At Afrik Interim we believe that measuring the social climate is important to addressing topics such as the involvement or the motivation of employees, the burden of stress, management quality, satisfaction of employees in regards to the compensation policy, internal communication, well-being at work. This study will guide Afrik Interim in: Detecting areas of potential , Anticipating future problems; Implementing corrective solutions; Preparing employees for change.

We conduct an anonymous survey both in soft and hard copy to be filled out by all employees of the organization in order to gauge the social aspect of their lives at the company. Afrik Interim’s audit can simply and effectively measure the social landscape of your organization while maintaining outmost confidentiality.

Job Grading
Smile, you’ve found us

The Job Grading process determines systematically and objectively as possible the worth of one job/role to another without regard of personalities. The purpose is to achieve and maintain an equitable distribution of basic salaries according to level or position.

Quality, competence and scarcity of skills are taken into account when grading each position.An assessment of well-developed functions is not enough to ensure successful implementation.
AFRIK INTERIM supports its clients in the implementation of the system through interviews with HR users (Using communication tools and user training).

Performance Management System
Ambitions realized

This system is put in place to assess the effectiveness of the employee in achieving results assigned by the employer for the year .

The efficiency of the employee is determined by the relationship between the result and goals set by the employer. This concept presupposes firstly that a target has firstly been defined and secondly that the result has been measured.

Outsourcing- Payroll Management
A company’s most valuable asset is its employees

The payroll management outsourcing system (Payroll) is a service provided by Afrik Interim by outsourcing management systems on behalf of the client as it uses advanced skills in terms of knowledge of regulations.This process allows our client to refocus on its income-generating activities and ultimately increase its value. Outsourcing payroll to Afrik Interim enables your company to:

We provide Modifications of payroll calculations, contribution rates, regulations or agreements, remaining abreast of payroll trends and how they relate to your business. You benefit from this service as our payroll professionals are experts in payroll.

We deliver results

Afrik Interim offers an outsourcing service to its customers during specific missions requiring specific skills. This service allows the company to benefit from an expertise that might have not been available in-house, while reducing staff costs. The company uses AFRIK INTERIM for short or medium term temporary assignments to replace an employee in the event of increased activity or to fill a position.

By using this service, your advantages are as follows:

Recruitment and Selection
We understand your business demands

When you work with Afrik Interim, you can be confident that our skilled and committed teams of specialist consultants will find you the best talent match for your business, every time.

We work hard to provide you with a cost effective, valuable recruitment service that will save you time and money. 

We know that your business is unique, and we take the time to get to know your individual requirements so that we can provide you with the top talent who will drive your business profits.

Our recruiters are specialized in the industry segments they work in – we know that your business has particular talent requirements, and we are committed to understanding the details of your individual hiring needs so that we can provide you with a tailor-made recruitment solution.